New security technology coming to RDU

New security technology coming to RDU

Updated at 12:59 PM today

Anthony Wilson

RALEIGH (WTVD) — There is some new security technology coming to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.
On Monday, the Transportation Security Administration demonstrated new advanced imaging technology software that they say will make it easier for airport security to detect a threat.

If you are an air traveler, you know the routine – everybody walks through a metal detector and their carryon baggage gets a close look from TSA screeners. If you are picked at random, there’s the full body scanner – which some say is a little invasive.
Those people will be happy to know about the new advanced imaging technology, or AIT software, that will be installed at RDU and other airports.
“It’ll be the exact same AIT scanner that everyone has gone through here at RDU, but they’ll see the image right here at AIT instead of in a booth,” TSA Federal Security Director Michael Zunk said.

Those booths are where agents currently look closely at scanned images that resemble photo negatives, but clearly depict male or female bodies. However once the new software is installed, screeners will not see any images of a real passenger’s body. Instead, they will see unauthorized items the screeners call anomalies that will show up as generic yellow squares.
“It speeds the process up, because you’re not waiting for the agent that’s in the booth monitoring the image to radio back and tell you it’s cleared,” Zunk said.
The new software will be up and running at RDU in the coming days.

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