Nicholas Condon

Nicholas graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management. With 15 years of experience in the aviation field he has an extensive background in airport operations and security. Through the years serving as Operations Supervisor at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport in Broomfield, CO and then as the Operations and Security Manager at Colorado Springs Airport. His diverse experience in all aspects of airport operations including TSA and FAA regulatory compliance initiatives, emergency operations, snow removal coordination, airfield construction, airport communication and emergency center operations, and personnel training and tracking.

With a family-first attitude he is a staple in his kids’ lives whether it be helping with school, kids sports and activities, or enjoying a weekend camping trip. He follows an “obsessed with perfection” spirt that can be easily seen in his projects. Some significant responsibilities and accomplishments include:

  • Operated as incident commander during multiple aircraft, medical, and structural fire emergencies
    involving multiple responding jurisdictions.
    Oversaw two triannual mass casualty exercises from the initial planning stages through execution, and
    multiple annual tabletop and aviation security exercises.
    Was responsible for three consecutive years of error free annual inspections from both the FAA and TSA
  • Oversaw all airfield construction projects for airport security and safety regulations including
    collaborative work with the TSA for security amendments during projects.
  • Developed and implemented a web-based operations system at Colorado Springs to allow the
    operations, security, and communications departments to work and document in a collaborative