NTSB Investigates Crash Near Kissimmee Airport

Kissimmee Plane Crash Victim Identified

POSTED: 11:07 am EST February 3, 2011
UPDATED: 4:59 pm EST February 3, 2011
KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Authorities released the identity Thursday of one of the victims of a plane crash in Kissimmee.The medical examiner said Wilton Lentz, 61, of Kissimmee, died when the plane went down near Kissimmee Municipal Airport on Wednesday evening.Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board are combing through the wreckage to determine what caused the crash.”There were no radio calls requesting help or advising of any difficulties,” NTSB spokesman Paul Cox said.Lentz was the owner of the 1963 jet trainer. The flight lasted just 12 minutes.

“At 5:21 p.m., the airplane was cleared for takeoff. At 5:29, the pilot reported the checks were good … and were ready to come back. At 5:31, the pilot requested a break entry to a landing. He was cleared to do a left break and cleared to land. At 5:33, the accident occurred,” Cox said.Investigators refused to offer any analysis, but the left break is what apparently caught the attention of a couple who lives near the airport and sees planes all the time.”It came at an angle … when (my wife) saw that, she just knew it was going to crash,” witness Andrew Torres said.

“It made a weird sound … I let it be because it stopped, and all of a sudden, I heard my wife screaming.”The majority of wreckage was found in one spot, possibly meaning it was at a steep angle when it went down, investigators said.In addition to the NTSB, four inspectors from the Federal Aviation Administration were also there.Authorities from the medical examiner’s office said they think they know who the second victim is, but they’re still working to make a positive identification.Thacker Elementary School is across the street from the crash scene. Some believe the pilot made sure he missed the school. Copyright 2011 by WESH.COM.


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