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Our Best-Selling On-Demand Airport Training Courses

Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) Online

This course focuses on aviation security and the many roles of the ASC and prepares individuals to perform the functions as required by 49 CFR 1542.3.

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Trusted Agent Credentialing (TAC) Online

The TAC OnDemand training program is intended for airport Trusted Agents who work with their ASC and Authorized Signatories for issuing identification to badge holders.

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§139 Training Suite

Take just one or all 12 of these modules to understand airport safety and operational management requirements.

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What Training We Offer

§139 Suite

Estimated Time: 6 hours 30 minutes

This curriculum consists of 12 modules. These recurrent training topics are required by FAA for airport staff to maintain currency on Part 139 airport/airfield operations and maintenance responsibilities.

§139 ARFF Requirements

Learn the requirements necessary for ARFF services and equipment at airports.

Airfield Condition Reporting

Gain knowledge of airfield conditions and proper reporting for aircraft and airport operator safety.

Cargo Hazards and HazMat Reporting

General hazardous materials awareness and familiarization training under 49CFR and IATA and the potential damage they may cause. Emphasis is on hazardous materials recognition, safety, and reporting.

Notice to Airmen (NOTAMS) Training

Gain procedural knowledge on the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) system process.

Wildlife Hazards Awareness Training

Learn about wildlife hazards associated with airport operations.

§139 Curriculum Suite

This curriculum consists of 12 modules.

Airport Emergency Plan

Gain in-depth knowledge for compliance actions and program communications to stakeholders responsibilities for various types of emergency situations at the airport.

Line Fuel Service Training

Understanding fuel safety with procedures for inspections, storage, dispensing and fire safety.

Non-Movement Area Drivers Training

Learn to perform driving procedures needed for safe operations in the Non-Movement Area of the airport.

Airport Certification Manual Requirements

This course provides knowledge about the creation and management of the Airport Certification Manual (ACM), and is for those who work in airport movement areas, safety areas, and perform duties in compliance with the requirements of the ACM.

Airfield Inspections

Gain procedural knowledge on conducting FAR Part 139 Self-Inspections of the airport.

Movement Area Drivers Training

Gain procedural knowledge on driving and safe operations in the Movement Area of the airport.

Vehicle Security Inspections

Learn practical knowledge on airport vehicle security inspections.

ARFF Courses

Developed by ARFF Training experts, this 12 course curriculum is based on NFPA standards and meets 14 CFR §139.319 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Training requirements.

The ARFF Recurrent Training Center is a cloud based subscription solution for emergency responders with airport responsibilities. Airports can ensure compliance with FAA ARFF requirements for all personnel, including mutual aid firefighters.

ARFF A/C, A/P, Veh, Specialized Training

Become familiar with specialized situations, aircraft, and vehicles while working with SMGCS, HRET operations, FLIR and DEV systems, explosive aircraft devices, and crash scene evidence.

ARFF Airport Familiarization

Learn the essentials of the airport environment and the operations occurring around the airfield.


ARFF Airport Emergency Plan

Learn about the Airport Emergency Plan and the responsibilities of those who are involved during an airport emergency.

ARFF Hoses & Nozzles

Learn about the different types of hoses and nozzles used by ARFF personnel.

ARFF Adapting Structural Equipment

Gain in-depth knowledge on adapting structural firefighting equipment to Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting.

ARFF Emergency Aircraft Evacuation

Gain procedural knowledge of emergency evacuations, with emphasis placed on firefighter and passenger safety.

ARFF Aircraft Familiarization

Gain in-depth knowledge about the different types of aircraft serviced by the airport, with emphasis on aircraft structure and configuration, required for ARFF response.

ARFF Safety

Gain in-depth knowledge on occupational health and safety hazards for ARFF personnel.

ARFF Aircraft Cargo Hazards

Learn about hazardous cargo and materials that may be present at the airport.

ARFF Emergency Communication

Learn the communication procedures between aircraft experiencing an emergency and the Air Traffic Control Tower, Incident Command, ARFF and mutual aid responding units.

ARFF Extinguishing Agents

Understand aviation fuel/fire hazards and the various extinguishing agents available to ARFF personnel.

ARFF Tactical Operations

Learn tactical operations for fighting aircraft fires, with emphasis placed on the different situations ARFF personnel may encounter during the performance of their duties.

Aviation Security


Airport Active Threat / Terminal Evacuation Training

Learn how to run, hide and fight responses and how to react during active threat emergencies while working at an airport.

Airport Infrastructure Security Familiarization

Learn about types, categories, and the organizational management issues associated with securing airports.

Challenge Procedures

Gain knowledge on how personnel conduct security challenges at airports.

Insider Threat

Learn how to recognize and report a variety of insider actions which could threaten aviation and expose vulnerabilities at the airport.

Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Learn how run, hide, fight strategies during an active shooter emergency can save your life in a variety of life and work situations.

Airport Employee Emergency Response Training

This program provides employees lifesaving and practical knowledge on the various airport response capabilities and procedures which may be encountered in the event of an emergency while working at the airport.

Authorized Signatory Training

An in-depth view on airport processes and procedures that employees must know to be a Badge Sponsor/Authorized Signatory for their company at an airport. 

Customer Service

Learn about the actions and behaviors expected by airport operators of its employees and tenants for providing professional customer service at the airport.

SIDA – Security ID Display Area Training

Through this required training, gain in-depth knowledge on aviation security and the various roles and responsibilities of those working within the Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) of the airport.

Aviation History (Security Effects)

This indepth course reviews many aviation incidents and tragedies which have changed the way security policy, procedures and practices are accomplished to protect travelers and airport workers.

Airport Worker Security Awareness

Gain an awareness of aviation security and the various roles and responsibilities of those working at an airport.

Escort Procedures

Learn proper escort procedures for all employees who have an operational need to escort visitors in and around Sterile or Secured Areas of the airport.

Sterile Area Training

Gain procedural knowledge on aviation security and the various roles and responsibilities of those working within the Sterile Area of the airport.

Airport / Port / Traveler Training Programs

SSi is a leading provider of instructor-led onsite airport workshops and seminars for TAC, LEO, SMS and ASC training. Airport workshops and seminars are conducted on location, via webinar, or blended online and workshop format. All of our training programs are developed to meet federal, international, and transportation industry regulations and best practice standards.

Onsite workshops provide the attendees with best practices and professionally developed up-to-date materials for student take-home job aids. SSi maintains student attendance in case of lost records or need for proof of compliance.

Aviation Disability Awareness and Sensitivity Training

The Aviation Disability Awareness Training is a self-paced, interactive course created by the Open Doors Organization to teach frontline staff and volunteers how to best assist travelers with disabilities.

Fuel Safety Supervisor Training

Gain procedural knowledge on supervisory requirements for fueling safety and fire safety procedures at the airport.

Hazardous Material Awareness & Recognition

Learn about the different types of hazardous materials and the safety issues surrounding them at an airport.

Complaints Resolution Official Refresh Training

The latest Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) Refresh Training by the Open Doors Organization includes a review of the CROs role, regulatory updates, and a disability awareness refresh.

Safety or Security Management Systems (SMS or SeMS) On-site Workshop

The Safety Management System onsite workshop focuses on the support of critical success factors for an SMS at your airport.

Checked Baggage Inspection Systems

This course will demonstrate the procedures needed when developing a baggage screening system at an airport.

General Aviation Driver Safety Awareness

Gain insight on procedures needed for safe driving operations at the airport.

Human Trafficking Training

Airport Initiative, Human Trafficking experts and educators, has partnered with SSi to make this first-in class training available so that airport personnel can be equipped to identify and report signs of trafficking.

Airport Police (LEO)

This interactive discussion and role-play-based workshop covers the roles of Airport LEOs and their responsibility to implementing many Airport Security Plan (ASP) provisions.

Trusted Agent Credentialing (TAC) On-site Workshop

This credentialing training program is intended for airport Trusted Agents who work with their ASC and Authorized Signatories for issuing Airport Identification to badge-holders.

Emergency Communication Awareness

Learn procedures on communicating and interacting with emergency responders at the airport.

General Aviation Security Awareness

Understand aviation security and the various roles and responsibilities of those working within General Aviation at the airport.

To Be Welcoming: Diversity Awareness

Awareness primer about bias, empathy, civility, and dialogue designed to provide for more open discussions.

Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) On-site Workshop

This Airport Security Coordinator Certification Online course focuses on aviation security and the many roles of the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) and is designed to prepare individuals to perform the functions of the ASC as required by 49 CFR 1542.3.

LEO Suite

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