Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport connects to emergency services

Published: Sep 24, 2014 at 8:48 AM PDT

t the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport, a new repeater tower has been installed.
It’ll allow communication between the airport and Pullman fire and police departments. In the past, reaching first responders in case of an emergency at the airport was spotty.

“We need the service out here and so we approached the FAA and the TSA, will you fund this?” said PUW Airport Director, Tony Bean. “Is this a priority? And of course the FAA’s first mandate and the TSA’s first mandate, safety and security of the passengers of the airport…Does this fit the criteria? “Absolutely fits that criteria.”

The city of Pullman will operate the tower while Whitcom will maintain it. The repeater will be switched on for use Wednesday.

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