Robert Gladden is an aviation subject matter expert with over 29 years’ experience and joins SSi as a Curriculum Writer/SME. After a 20-year career in Naval Aviation, Rob has held various roles in aviation from FBO administrative and facility manager to technical/maintenance services and training services. Robert’s impressive education includes a Bachelor of Science in Diplomacy and Military Studies, at Hawaii Pacific University as well as a Master of Science in Aeronautics Aviation Operations, and a Master of Science in Aeronautics Aviation Safety Systems, from Embry-Riddle. He also holds multiple certifications from FEMA, DOT, and NAVFAC.

Being involved with aviation, has long been a passion of Roberts, as there are only a few things better than being on an airfield around aircraft of any kind. After a 20-year Naval Aviation career, even though Robert doesn’t get many of them, a day on the golf course is only comparable to a quiet day with his family. When he’s able to travel with his family to some of the places he’s been able to visit while in the military, it’s especially a treat!