Secret Service agents search Gettysburg Airport where gyrocopter took off

Trailer, presumed to be pilot’s, hauled away by authorities

UPDATED 8:13 PM EDT Apr 15,GETTYSBURG, Pa. —News 8 has confirmed that the Secret Service arrived at the Gettysburg Airport Wednesday evening, just hours after a rogue pilot apparently took off from that location.

Officials say Doug Hughes landed his gyrocopter on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol and took responsibility for the stunt on a website. The Florida mailman says he to wanted to deliver letters to Congress that protest campaign finance corruption. 
Authorities and Secret Service agents are searching the Gettysburg Airport and have hauled away a trailer presumably owned by Hughes. The small airport is located about 100-miles north of the Washington D.C. Metro Area.
Witnesses say an officer drew his gun and quickly took Hughes into custody upon his landing in D.C. The Capitol Police bomb squad sent in a robot to search for explosives and found none.
House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul says had the gyrocopter come any closer to the building, authorities were prepared to shoot it down. 

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