Security UPDATE: Transportation Sector

. January 5, New York Post . (New York) Brooklyn bus depot in terror scare over mysterious filming of gas tanks. Terror fears have struck a Brooklyn, New York bus depot after reports that several suspicious people videotaped its highly-flammable natural gas tanks. If those were hit, the whole neighborhood would blow up,. said a Transport Workers Union representative who responded to the reports. Three incidents of mysterious filming were reported on January 1-3 at the Jackie Gleason bus depot in Sunset Park. Police say they are investigating. Those who spotted the individuals described them as Middle Easternee looking, and said they paid particular attention to the depotes compressed natural gas tanks, near its front gate. Only one guard is usually on duty at the depot, said sources. Early January 1, a man dressed in a business suit walked by the depot with a video camera, transit sources said. January 2, two men and a woman allegedly parked their gray BMW with Pennsylvania plates in front of the depot, and filmed it with a large video camera. The mysterious videographers waited for the guard to take a bathroom break before shooting their footage, said the sources. January 3, another man was spotted filming buses along their routes in the neighborhood. Union officials also found the gate to a separate entrance to the bus depot wide open yesterday, with no guard in sight. Four MTA counter terrorism officers were at the depot reviewing security footage of the incidents January 4. Source:

. January 5, CNN . (International) Coffee spill diverts United Airlines flight, Transport Canada says. A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany, was diverted to Toronto this week after the pilot dumped a cup of coffee on the planees communicationes equipment. The unwanted liquid triggered a series of emergency codes, including one for a hijacking, according to Transport Canada, the agency that regulates transportation in Canada. With the help of their company dispatch staff, the flight crew was confirmed the problem to be a NAV(navigation)/communication issue and not a valid code 7500 (for a hijacking or unlawful interference),. Transport Canada said on its Web site. Flight 940 initially was going to return to Chicago, but then diverted to Pearson International Airport in Toronto where it landed without incident around 10 p.m. January 3. The Boeing 777 had 255 passengers and crew aboard. United retrieved them from Toronto and took them back to Chicago where they were put on another plane to Frankfurt January 4. Source:

. January 4, Nextgov . (International) U.S.-Qatar pact aims to strengthen aviation screening. The Homeland Security Secretary and the Qatar government have reached an accord on information sharing that includes coordinating cybersecurity and body scanning strategies to thwart al Qaeda, according to a letter of intent released January 4. The U.S.-Qatar pact covers airport screening. The countries consented to consider possible cooperation with DHS and the Transportation Security Administration to
strengthen passenger screening processes at airport[s] including [the development] and use of screening technology, such as strategic possible use of Advanced Imaging Technology, via technical exchange in coordination with other relevant aviation security-related efforts.. She headed to Belgium on January 5 to continue talks with foreign counterparts about aviation security. Source:

. January 4, New York Post . (New York) Feds, DA offices open probe into botched blizzard cleanup: sources. The probe launched by the Brooklyn U.S. Attorneyes Office comes in response to a New York City Councilmanes revelations to The Post last week that sanitation workers told him they were involved in a work slowdown, sources told The Post. At the same time, both the Brooklyn and Queens DAs offices have started their own investigations into whether there was a work slowdown. The Brooklyn U.S. Attorneyes Office is investigating whether there was a conspiracy to cripple parts of the city, according to a source. The feds are trying to determine whether the plow supervisors conspired to defraud city taxpayers by padding their overtime pay, which could result in mail or wire-fraud charges. The DAs in both counties, where snow removal was at its worst, are conducting inquiries as well, spokesmen for those offices confirmed to The Post. The Mayor and Sanitation Commissioner have denied there was any orchestrated effort to halt the cleanup effort. New Yorkes Strongest used a variety of tactics to drag out the plowing process . and pad overtime checks . which included keeping plows slightly higher than the roadways and skipping over streets along their routes, the sources said. The snow-removal snitches said they were told to keep their plows off most streets and to wait for orders before attacking the accumulating piles of snow. The workers said the work slowdown was the result of growing hostility between the mayor and the workers responsible for clearing the snow. Source:

. January 4, FoxNews . (International) Napolitano: Israeli-style security wonft work for U.S. The Homeland Security Secretary January 4 rebuffed suggestions that U.S. airports should adopt the practices of airports in Israel, calling the Israeli air travel system a very different model.. We share a common goal, which is to protect the people of our countries from terror or other attacks,. she told Fox News ahead of a tour of security facilities at Tel Avives Ben-Gurion International Airport. But there are many differences in the United States system versus Israel. Part of that is driven by sheer size.. Critics of U.S. security methods, particularly full body scans and the so-called invasive pat down. used by the Transportation Security Administration, have called for American airports to adopt Israeli-style security measures, which rely heavily on behavioral profiling of travelers. But the Secretary said that what is effective in Israel, a nation of 7.3 million, would not necessarily work for 310 million Americans. Ben-Gurion is Israeles only major international airport. The United States, however, has 450 such facilities. Plus, about 11 million people pass through Israeli airports each year, while 70 times that many passengers go through American airports each year. January 4, the head of security at Ben-Gurion gave the Secretary a tour of his airportes system and a comprehensive briefing. on Israeli airport security that covered the spectrum from intelligence to the perimeter security of the airport to checkpoint screening and everything in between,. according to a Homeland Security official. Source:

. January 4, Los Angeles Times . (California; Hawaii) Delta flight to Hawaii returns to LAX after hydraulic emergency. A Delta Airlines flight that left Los Angeles International Airport for Kona, Hawaii, was forced to return to LAX January 4 after experiencing hydraulic problems, federal officials said. Flight 1299 landed at LAX without problems at 4:47 p.m., said a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Boeing 757 had about 185 passengers and crew members. The spokesman told The Times that the pilot declared an emergency and decided to return to LAX. Source:

. January 3, WRAL 5 Raleigh . (North Carolina) Pipe bomb found near Goldsboro. Authorities from several law enforcement agencies investigated a suspicious device. found along U.S. Highway 70 westbound in Wayne County, North Carolina January 3. The North Carolina Highway Patrol said it was a pipe bomb. An inmate work crew from Wayne Correctional Facility found the pipe bomb on the shoulder of the highway, near Goldsboro, around 2 p.m., authorities said. Along with the sheriffes office, Wayne County Fire Marshals, Highway Patrol, Explosive Ordnance Disposal team from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, the State Bureau of Investigation, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were all called to the scene. The investigation of how the pipe bomb got there is ongoing. Source:

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