Create quick training that tracks to the iLS™

Simple Course Builder

Benefits Of Our Simple Course Builder

sCB™ allows clients to create and deploy additional training to the iLS™ using easily accessible static slide presentation programs like PowerPoint! Even Read & Sign documents can be tracked.

Just upload presentation slides or images to communicate your learning objectives, then add a final test. Templates include T/F and multiple choice quizzes. Test questions are displayed in randomly order and pulled from a bank of questions to maintain integrity in your testing. Best of all sCB™ is integrated seamlessly with the iLS™ so courses developed in-house can be published for immediate distribution to airport employees and tenants.

The Simple Course Builder (sCB™) tool lets in-house trainers create their own interactive e-Learning courses.


As needed safety training

Updated policy and procedure updates (FAA, TSA advisories, and SOPs)

Immediate notification to users with positive delivery

Time-sensitive training such as Airport Construction Projects

Simple Course Builder FAQs

What is Simple Course Builder?

Simple Course Builder (SCB) is an add-on for the ILS which allows administrators to import image-based content and deploy them as courses to other users.

What if I have a short video I want to add? Can I use sCB?

Not at this time. Contact and we can still help you get this content to your users.

What image types can be imported?

JPEGs and PNGs.

Can I add a final exam?

Yes. True/False and Multiple Choice only.

Is there a limit to the maximum number of simple courses I can create?

No. The sky’s the limit!