Southwest Airlines gives US Air competition with Boston-Philly flights

Southwest Airlines gives US Air competition with Boston-Philly flights

June 27, 10:37 AM · Cheryl Phillips – Providence Business Headlines Examiner

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is stepping up its service to Philadelphia with an expansion at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Starting Sunday, there will be five daily non-stop flights to Philadelphia.
That spells big competition for US Airways which has had a hub in Philadelphia for many years.
In Providence, Southwest already flies directly to Philadelphia, so adding nearby Boston will add another choice for locals who fly there frequently on business.

Southwest has been in Providence much longer than it has been at Boston Logan Airport. In less than a year in Boston, Southwest is now flying to Baltimore, Chicago, St Louis, Denver and now Philadelphia.
Located in Terminal E in the space formerly occupied by Northwest Airlines, Southwest has three gates at Logan, with room to expand to two more if needed.
The fares on Southwest are quite competitive in price compared to US Air flights. Free baggage check on Southwest (2 bags) is another big plus.
Here are some sample fares (for the purpose of comparison, flights departing July 14 and returning July 15 were chosen)
Southwest Boston Logan Airport (five direct flights to Philadlephia offered)
“Anytime fare” that is fully refundable: $130 each way
“Wanna Get Away” fare is not refundable and requires advance purchase: $69 each way
“Business Select” fare is fully refundable with priority boarding: $145 each way
**Providence, RI flights to Philadelphia are similar in rate, with the “Business Select” fare priced at $150 and four direct flights to choose from.)
Baggage Check fee:
Southwest offers free baggage check for first two bags. Your 3rd-9th bag are $50 each.
US Airways Boston Logan Airport (16 direct flights to Philadelphia)
“Coach Flexible” fare is not refundable but offers changes/cancellation: $130 each way
“Coach Non-Refundable” far is not refundable, changes made with a fee: $69 each way
“First Flexible” is not refundable but changes/cancellations are allowed: $769 each way
Providence flights to Philadelphia on US Air are at the same rate, although some “First Flexible” flights are $200 each way. There are 8 direct flights on the date checked (July 14)
Baggage check fee:
US Air charges $25 for the first checked bag, $35 for the second and $100 for 3+ bags checked. Save a few dollars if you pre-pay your baggage check online.

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