Stefan Rachev has accumulated over 30 years of experience in various managerial roles across different industries. For more than 20 years, he served as the Vice President of a family manufacturing business. Later, he worked as a Building and Grounds Manager for five years, where his duties involved taking care of church facilities and their cemeteries. 

Stefan also gained specialized knowledge in the aviation sector. He worked as an Aircraft Fueler and Pipeline Utility serviceman, which gave him an extensive understanding of fueling operations and safety protocols, then later promoted to Pipeline Operator for two years. 

More recently, he served as a Training and Fueling Manager, where he developed and implemented training programs for personnel and ensured compliance with operational standards. He is also currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business to enhance his talents and knowledge further. 

His diverse skills and experience make him a valuable asset to any team. He has a proven track record in training and management, and he is highly motivated and results-oriented. He is committed to achieving business objectives while maintaining a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence