Trusted Agent Credentialing Training Online


Price: $295.00

Receive your TAC certification on your schedule without the need to travel. Start training immediately. Available 24/7 after registration.


You will learn

This credentialing training program is intended for airport Trusted Agents who issue Airport Identification to badge-holders and for individuals who support the ASC functions as required by 49 CFR 1542.3 and follows the TSA security directive to airports for badging. The course focuses on understanding the complex requirements for issuing, tracking and auditing identification badges. Upon completion of this course students will learn the impact of resource commitments and their responsibility for protecting sensitive and confidential information. A focus on understanding the specific guidelines and current technology used for badging processes along with upcoming trends is part of this training. Students will learn methods to stay organized to ensure the accuracy and verification of credential documents and avoid fraud or mishandling badge-holder sensitive personal information.

Learning Format

Students will receive access to self-paced training with defined learning objectives. Student knowledge is guided though a mixture of practical exercises and scenario resolutions concerning current topics in credentialing. Upon successful completion of all 4 modules, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for their airport training file.

Who Should Attend?

  • Airport Security Coordinators
  • Badging Office Managers
  • Credentialing Office Agents and Specialists