TSA full body scanner at T.F. Green Airport: Invasion of privacy?

A full body scanner at T.F. Green Airport: Invasion of privacy? How much is visible?

July 2, 8:22 PM · Donna Diegel – Providence Headlines Examiner

Full Body Scanner
Are you concerned about your privacy? The Transportation Security Administration installed a new whole body scanner that takes full images of people going through the machine. The scanner takes detailed pictures underneath any clothing, showing whoever is behind the scanner everything.
The argument against these full body scanners are that they are invasive, violating privacy, and showing the screener full images of what is underneath your clothes. TSA officials assure that the images are not visible to the public, and get deleted immediately upon clearing the traveler for their flight. A sign posted at the T.F. Green Airport explains that passengers can opt out and get patted down instead. See what the full body scanner looks like here at the Providence Journal website.

How Much of the Body is Visible?
There has been increased concern over full body scanners showing too much. Citing an article on The Huffington Post, “TSA screener Rolando Negrin is facing assault charges in a case that involves the controversial, full body scanners being adopted in airports as part of increased security measures. The images produced by the powerful x-ray scanners–detailed enough to show breast implants–have been compared to “virtual strip-searching. Negrin reportedly passed through the screener during a training session on how to use the device, and the revealing x-ray image of him produced by the x-ray prompted teasing from coworkers, “who joked about the size of the man’s genitalia,” reports The Smoking Gun.” Read the rest of the story at The Huffington Post.
The full body scanner was put in place at Rhode Island’s T.F. Green Airport in Warwick today, and will be fully operational for the busy 4th of July weekend. The TSA plans to install an additional full body scanner sometime in the near future.

Sources: Providence Journal; WPRI.com
Photo: The image above is a work of a United States Department of Homeland Security employee, taken or made during the course of an employee’s official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain

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