TSA Funds Enhance Security and Create Jobs

TSA Funds Enhance Security and Create Jobs

Written by Molly Mulrain Latest News, National Security Jul 8, 2010

airport-securityIn an effort to strengthen the Transportation Security Administration’s security efforts and employment opportunities, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced yesterday that approximately $56 million of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARPA) funds will be allocated to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Orlando International Airport and St. Louis International Airport.

The funding will go towards a new inline baggage screening system in the main terminal at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and a design of an upgraded inline baggage screening system in Terminals One and Two at St. Louis International Airport.
Additionally, Orlando International Airport will receive $7.5 million to expand their closed circuit television system with several hundred cameras to provide enhanced surveillance capabilities throughout the airport.

These funds are expected to create more employment opportunities within the TSA, as well as streamline the ticketing process and bag search.
“These enhanced inline baggage screening systems and expanded surveillance capabilities will strengthen our ability to detect and disrupt threats of terrorism,” said Secretary Napolitano. “By utilizing Recovery Act funds to enhance vital airport security technology projects, we will continue to streamline the passenger check-in process and enhance airport security, while boosting local economies.”

According to DHS, of the $1 billion of ARPA funds allocated to TSA for aviation security projects, $734 million is given to screening checked baggage and $266 million is allocated for checkpoint explosives detection technologies.
The legislation was signed into law by President Barack Obama in February

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