Unconstitutional” full-body scanners coming to an airport near you

Unconstitutional” full-body scanners coming to an airport near you

  • November 8th, 2010 12:06 pm ET
  • By Kyle Brown, Louisville Libertarian Examiner

If you haven’t flown out of a major airport in awhile, you might be in for an Orwellian surprise next time you take a vacation.
Advanced Imaging Technology machines, colloquially referred to as full-body scanners, are popping up in air hubs around the country to surprisingly little ado beyond political blogs and local news outlets in whatever city happens to be the latest to have the controversial machines installed in its terminals.

317 of the scanners, which can detect metallic and non-metallic items under clothing and seem to be getting reactions anywhere from “no big deal” to “horrifyingly appalling and intrusive” from travelers, are currently being used in 65 airports around the country as a supplement to walk-through metal detectors. Those who opt not to be scanned are subject to a body pat down, though the Transportation Security Administration claims 98% of flyers prefer the scanners.
However, well 98% of flyers might prefer the scanners to a pat down, not everyone is enthusiastic about them, to say the least. Last month pilot Michael Roberts lost his job for refusing both the full body scan and a pat down, and horror stories related to the scanners and pat downs are all over the internet.
In an email and press release sent out this past weekend, the Libertarian Party officially joined the ranks of the unenthusiastic.
In the release, frankly entitled “Libertarians oppose TSA strip-search machines” Libertarian Chair Mark Hinkle calls for an immediate end to the body scans:

We’ve reached a point where our government has no qualms about humiliating us… The fact that I want to travel on an airplane does not make me a threat, and it does not allow anyone to conduct a warrantless search under my clothing… Terrorists win when they provoke our government into overreacting.

Hinkle concludes by encouraging Americans to contact their newly-elected Congressmen to let them know we don’t need this “expensive, worthless, intrusive, unconstitutional program.”
The TSA is planning on installing up to 450 scanners in airports around the country by the end of this year. A list of airports currently using body scanners and those that will be receiving the technology soon can be found here.
Advanced Imaging Technology is currently not being used at Louisville International Airport (SDF).

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