United Pilot Goes Pantsless to Protest Frustrating Airport Security

United Pilot Goes Pantsless to Protest Frustrating Airport Security

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 28, 2010 at 8:31 AM | by kjb | 0 Comments

pantlesspilot.jpgWe complain about airport security and all the hassles it presents to those attempting to travel at least once a week. However, even the most frequent traveler probably doesn’t have to face the security gauntlet as much as pilots and flight attendants do. Last Friday, one United Airlines pilot, Michael Slynn, just couldn’t take it anymore, and instead of trying for the umpteenth time to go through the metal detector, he just removed his pants.

The pilot was briefly held up at the airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for some questioning, but was back on his way after they discovered that he was just frustrated and not nuts. He was even allowed to fly his plane off to Washington DC, but he was told that he would have to go before a judge the next time he returns to Brazil. We’re wondering if he’ll put in for a route switch so he can avoid the country for this reason.

Of course United Airlines doesn’t have a comment on the situation at this time, but they are “investigating the matter.” Honestly, this is kind of funny and not a big deal. The guy was probably just fed up with the security situation, and wanted to ensure an on-time departure. He had underwear on, so we think it’s fine—especially considering some of the clothing for which Brazilians are known. Just listen up during the pre-flight announcements for the name Michael Slynn, and tell him that we think he’s awesome.

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